BRUTALOMANIA, Noise project from the Canary Islands (Spain), active since 2006 under the alias MIXTURIZER until the end of 2015 when his operator, Manuel, decided to change it to the current BRUTALOMANIA moniker.

Production continues... It sounds good when it twists and hurts.

Practices the schizophrenic twist of senses, using electronic modification of various sounds to increase the maximum extreme utter power.

Past gigs:
- 2009-01-30 at Porno Gore Garri Extreme Fest IV, Espai Jove Boca Nord, Barcelona.
- 2009-07-18 at Zarata Fest 2009, Bilbao.
- 2010-01-23 at Rara Avis Store, Madrid.
- 2010-01-28 at Niu, Barcelona.
- 2010-01-29 live collaborration with ~Bonesfield~ at Porno Gore Garri Extreme Fest V, Barcelona.
- 2010-07-3 at Hada Verde, Gran Canaria.
- 2016-02-13 at PKDK, Gran Canaria, SUB:KULTURA:FEST.
- 2016-04-22 at EQUIPO PARA, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, NUMA CIRCUIT FEST.
- 2016-10-29 at NEWCAPAC, Móstoles, Madrid.
- 2016-12-10 at L'Antic Forn, Vallcarca, Barcelona.
... More coming soon.

~Latest published works by BRUTALOMANIA~
~BRUTALOMANIA~ "Mess" (December 2016 / Tape / BLACK PSYCHOSIS)

~Latest published works by MIXTURIZER~
~Mixturizer~ "Audio Reanimatio" (January 2016 / Tape / 8EMINIS)

~Mixturizer~ "AS/AE/EAD" (December 2015 / Tape / R.O.N.F. Records)

~Mixturizer~ "Siete Patologias" (2011 / CD / R.O.N.F. Records)

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CONTACT: manuelmcubas @ gmail . com